This is the first of our new 300 XS cowlings. This fiberglass alien cowl uses stock mounting hardware. Designed and manufactured by Mike Nass, this cowl cuts 10 lbs. of weight and provides the air your XS is wanting. We recommend 91 octane fuel and we also recommend to remap the ecu to provide for the added air intake. In fact if you are looking for more racing power this is your first step. This is bolt on power. You will need to vent the stock cowl or use an aftermarket cowl to enjoy our other bolt on XS performance racing parts. The stock cowl is a restricter plate. This part is a direct clone of the 300 X to fit the XS pans. The alien style cowling eliminates the water ingestion issue. (Adam McKeon's video)

01/10/2012 12:32

how much does it cost?

06/25/2013 09:40

Interested in the cowlings, do you have for sale? Need 2!
Please let me know!!

06/25/2013 12:19

contact mike nass directly at

Carl Caiozzo
04/18/2014 19:45

If u flash the ECU for reprogramming. Do u lose the guardian on a 300 xs. Tx u Carl


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